Information Systems Audit: The Planning

Information Systems Audit Planning

How to plan a best IS audit strategy? As the use of technologies immensely increased in the domains of finance and business, the number of fraudulent activities and data leakage has skyrocketed. As a result, the role of IS audit to verify, validate the controls in such systems to maintain legal compliance has become invaluable. … Read more

What is 5G? What’s so special about 5G?

The hype of the 5G network has already started. All of the telecom carrier companies across the world are announcing the launch date of 5G. As a matter of fact, 5G is coming and is sure to change how we experience technology and interaction with different gadgets. The 5G is basically a software-defined network based … Read more

What is the double spending problem? How does Bitcoin solve the double spending problem?

bitcoin and blockchain

Double spending simply means spending the same money twice. For example, you enter a coffee shop, took some sips of Espresso. Now, you take a 10 $ bill and pay for it. That 10$ bill cannot be simply be paid twice, as the ‘real’ 10$ bill has been handover from you to the waiter. You … Read more

How Hyperloop will be the future of our transportation?

Our transportation has not changed over 100 years. We have been using trains, cars, bikes, planes, and even horses. Hyperloop is basically a new concept and is being considered as the fifth mode of transportation. So, what actually is a hyperloop? How doeas Hyperloop works? Hyperloop consists of pod or capsule which is used to … Read more