Google Chrome is the most popular web browser. People love to use Chrome because of its features, speed, and security. While surfing the Internet through Google Chrome, sometimes we are frustrated when Chrome takes too much RAM or sends error codes. Err_Empty_Response is one of the most common error codes sent by Chrome when accessing a website. With this error code, you might have seen the following type of err_empty_response error messages:

  • Err_Empty_Response – No Data Received
  • Err_Empty_Response – This page isn’t loading / Working
  • Err_Empty_Response – The website didn’t send any data, and might be down
  • Err_Empty_Response – Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data

Before directly diving into fixing the err_empty_response error let’s first understand the meaning and identify the probable causes of this issue.

What causes Err_Empty_Response?

Err_Empty_Response is an error message that is sent by Chrome. When the website you are trying to access doesn’t respond or the server doesn’t send any data, Chrome will send an Err_Empty_Response message. 

This error directly indicates there is a problem with your Internet connection, however, this is not only the issue.

The possible causes of the Err_Empty_Response error messages are:

  • the extensions installed
  • driver needs update
  • network settings require resetting
  • overloaded cache
  • outdated temp files

How to troubleshoot err empty response error in Chrome?

err_empty_response message in chrome screen

Here are the solutions that help you to troubleshoot the Chrome Err_Empty_Response error in Windows computers. But before following the steps discussed below, make sure to check the URL address and Internet connection.

The methods covered here for fixing no data empty response error work on Windows 8/8.1, and 10. 

Some simple methods you can try:

  • Method 1: Disable your Antivirus or Firewall temporarily. 
  • Method 2: Uninstall and reinstall Chrome.
  • Method 3: Check the Internet connection.
  • Method 4: Make sure you type the correct URL.

Update Device Driver:

If you are using an outdated device driver then  you can experience Err_Empty_Response error in chrome. You should update the outdated device drivers and check if it fixes the error. 

You can update the device driver either manually or automatically.

Remove Chrome Extensions:

The extensions that you have installed on your Chrome browser are products of third parties, not of Google. There is no guarantee that all the extensions are 100% safe. Sometimes, corrupt extensions can be the cause of “err_empty_response” error. Such extensions prevent chrome from connecting to a website that you are trying to access.

The only solution is to either disable or completely remove the extensions.  Keep on removing each extension until the error gets fixed. This will identify which extension is causing the issue. Later, you can reinstall the extensions that are not corrupted. 

To remove/disable the extensions, click on the Menu, then choose More Tools >> Extensions. 

remove corrupt extensions in chrome

Try to Access the Website in Incognito Mode:

Since cookies and settings are deleted at the end of each session in Incognito mode that’s why any websites that you can’t access in normal browser mode can be accessed easily on Incognito mode.

You can open a new incognito window in Chrome by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N shortcut key. Then enter the URL of the website and check if it can be accessed there.

Clear Browser Cache:

When you visit a website, your browser takes a piece of static content and stores them on your computer’s hard drive. Some of the content  your browser will store are: images, logo, CSS, and JS .  Other private data such as cookies, saved passwords, etc are also stored by Chrome while you browse a website. 

If there is too much browser cache then it can cause the “Err_Empty_Response” error while connecting to a website. Thus it’s necessary to clear browsing data and cache to fix this error. 

To clear Google Chrome’s browser cache, click on Menu (i.e., 3 dots in the top-right corner), select More tools >> click clear browsing data or use shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + Del. 

In the clear browsing data dialog box, go to the Advanced tab, select “Cookies and other site data”, “Cached images and files” and “Hosted app data”  and then click the “Clear data” button. Make sure that you select the “All time” option from the Time range drop-down box.

clear browser cache data in chrome

Delete Temporary Files:

Windows stores all the temporary files in the “TEMP” folder. Temporary files are created by Windows and other third-party programs. 

If there are too many temp files then it can cause the “Err_Empty_Response” error in chrome. Thus it’s necessary to remove temporary files from the “TEMP” folder to fix the Empty Response error. 

First, open the run command window by pressing Windows icon + R shortcut key. Eter %temp% and click on OK to view the Temp folder in your Windows computer. 

delete temporary files from temp folder

Now press Ctrl + A on the keyboard to select all the temporary files. Then press Del key to temporary delete or press Shift + Del key to permanently delete the selected items. 

Restart your computer and open the Google Chrome to check whether the “Err_Empty_Response” error persists or not. 

Reset Network Settings:

The cause of empty response errors in Chrome can be wrong network settings on your computer. Resetting your computer’s network settings to factory default settings can fix this error. 

Network resetting will remove then reinstall all of your network adapters, and set other networking components back to their original settings. 

To reset network settings in Windows 10 computer, go to Settings >> Network & Internet and click on Network Reset. 

On the Network Reset window, click on the “Reset Now” button. Your PC will be restarted after network resetting. 

reset network settings in windows 10

Flush DNS:

If you’re having problems when trying to access any website, flushing your DNS cache might help. Flushing DNS will clear any IP address and DNS records from cache. 

To flush DNS, run Command Prompt as Administrator, type ipconfig/flushdns and press enter. Search for command prompt and then right click to run Command Prompt as Administrator.

run Command Prompt as Administrator to flush dns

Next type the following commands one-by-one and press Enter key after each command. 

  1. netsh int ip reset
  2. ipconfig /release
  3. ipconfig /renew

After running all the above commands, close the command prompt window, restart your computer and then open Google Chrome to check whether the “Err_Empty_Response” error persists or not.

Clear DNS Host Cache in Chrome:

Flushing host DNS cache in Google chrome can resolve any connection errors that you may experience while trying to access a website. 

To clear the DNS host cache, first open Incognito mode, and type: chrome://net-internals/#dns. Click the “Clear host cache” button and see if it fixes the “err_empty_response” error.   

Clear DNS Host Cache in Chrome

Change DNS to Google DNS:

You can try changing DNS to Google DNS to resolve ‘err_empty_response’ error in Chrome. 

Google’s Public DNS, a free alternative Domain Name System (DNS) service offered to Internet users around the world. It is recommended to use a Google DNS for faster and secure connection. 

To change DNS to Google DNS, right-click on the WiFi icon on the system tray and open network & sharing center.

In the Network and Sharing Center window, click on ‘change adapter settings’ on the left pane (Windows 8.1). For Windows 10, first select your connection type from the left pane. Then click the ‘change adapter options’ on the right pane.

network and sharing center

In the Network Connections window, right-click on your connection (Ethernet/Wi-Fi) and select the “Properties” from the dropdown menu. 

wi-fi network connection type in windows

In the Ethernet/Wi-Fi properties window, select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click the “Properties” button. 

wifi properties

In the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties window, select “Use the following DNS server addresses”, enter as the “Preferred DNS server” and as the “Alternate DNS server”. Click “OK” to save changes.

Restart your computer and open the Google Chrome to check whether the “Err_Empty_Response” error persists or not.

change DNS to Google DNS


I am sure the several 9 methods I have explained in this post helped you to fix err_empty_response Error in Chrome. If you still have any problem while trying to access a website then you can mention your issue in the comment box. 

Recently, Amazon has launched a free video streaming service known as miniTV for Indian customers. You can watch all kinds of video content for free. You don’t need to download a separate app to use mini tv and it can be accessed on the Amazon shopping app.

What is Amazon miniTV?

Amazon miniTV in India

Similar to miniTV for Indian customers, Amazon already has launched another free video streaming service called IMDb TV for US customers.

On miniTV, you can enjoy watching web-series, comedy shows, and content around Technology news, Food, Fashion, Beauty and more. MiniTV is also featuring web-series produced by TVF and Pocket Aces (two biggest Indian web studios). Other content creators such as Ashish Chanchlani, Amit Bhadana, Harsh Beniwal, Shruti Arjun Anand, Swagger Sharma, Aakash Gupta and Nishant Tanwar are also in this list. 

Viewers will be informed on latest products and trends by tech expert Trakin Tech, fashion and beauty experts such as Sejal Kumar, Malvika Sitlani, Jovita George, Prerna Chhabra and ShivShakti. Food lovers can enjoy content from Kabita’s Kitchen, Cook with Nisha, and Gobble. 

Amazon miniTV Vs. Prime Video:

Amazon already has a subscription-based video streaming service. So, how is miniTV different from Prime Video?

The main difference between miniTV and Prime Video is that miniTV is completely free whereas Prime Video requires a paid subscription. miniTV doesn’t require you to download a separate app. 

Amazon Prime Video offers a collection of Amazon Originals, latest movies, TV shows and sports.

miniTV Could Help Amazon to Drive Sales:

The main motive of launching miniTV is to drive sales to Amazon Shopping. miniTV will be always free but it is ad-supported. Amazon could use miniTV to convert viewers into customers. The integration of Amazon Shopping will make the process easier for users as well. 

Available only on Android Phones for now:

MiniTV is currently available on Amazon’s Android app. It will be soon available in IOS and mobile web.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers, but its memory leak causes a lot of trouble for the Operating System.  If you are running Google Chrome on a PC with less RAM, the chrome memory leak will make your PC much slower.

When you look at your PC’s task manager, you’ll see Google Chrome at the top of the list.

task manager chrome processes

Have a look at the snapshot of my PC’s task manager. I have taken a snapshot when only 2 tabs were opened on my chrome but the chrome memory usage is 96MB.

Have a look at the snapshot below that I have taken after running 2 chrome windows and opening Facebook, Youtube, and other websites. This time the amount of memory used by Chrome reached up to 114.2MB.

chrome eating RAM in task manager

From the two snapshots, it is proved that the memory usage in Chrome depends upon how many extensions, Windows, and tabs are running.

Why Is Chrome Taking So Much Memory?

Google Chrome needs a lot of RAM to serve webpages as fast as possible. 

Every app on your PC runs processes in RAM. Google Chrome stores every active window, tab, extension/plugin in a different process. Each RAM process only uses a small amount of memory, but memory usage increases when there are more processes running. 

If you have installed many extensions or plugins then Chrome eats more memory because such extensions require more resources to run.

Do you know why Google Chrome runs each process separately?

Let me explain this.

To maintain stability, Google Chrome is running each process separately. If Chrome was using the same process to run every window, tab, and extension, you might have to restart the entire browser when an extension fails/crashes

The benefit of running each process separately is when a process crashes, you are required to refresh a single tab only without restarting the whole browser. 

Another benefit is, it improves the security. For example, if a tab is attacked, it will not affect the other tab. 

On the Internet, you can find lightweight web browsers that eat less memory than Chrome. Brave, Opera GX, and Pale Moon are popular lightweight browsers you can use instead of Chrome.

When you switched to another browser then I’m sure you wouldn’t find the features that were provided by Chrome in your new browser. For Chrome lovers, it is better to fix memory leaks to make Chrome use less memory.

6 Methods to Reduce Chrome Memory Leaks

There are some tricks that can limit Chrome memory usage. The tips that I will discuss here work on Windows 7, 8/8.1, and 10. 

fix chrome memory usage

1. Update Chrome

Many bugs and issues get fixed when we update a software/browse. In addition many features will be added to improve user experience.

In Computer, Google Chrome is automatically updated when your PC is connected to an Internet connection. To check whether your Chrome is updated or not, go to Menu >> Help and click on the About Google Chrome.

In case you have a problem in updating Chrome then you can manually update it from here. 

update chrome

2. Remove Extensions to Reduce Chrome Memory Usage

Just like your PC has a task manager, you’ll find a task manager inside Chrome. You can find Chrome’s task manager if you go to Menu >> More tools and click on Task Manager. Or press the ‘Shift + Esc’ key on the keyboard.  

identify useless extensions in chrome task manager

You can see there are processes and extensions running on the background and taking memory. You can check the memory footprint of each process and extensions. So, if your Google Chrome has tons of extensions and apps running then Chrome consumes so much memory.

Now you have the idea that these extensions are taking memory. So go to Menu >> More tools and click on Extensions. You have to disable or completely remove the extensions which you are not using. 

Most of the extensions may be running in the background even if you are not using them so it is beneficial to disable these extensions until you need them. Disabling and enabling only when needed will fix Chrome memory leak. 

remove chrome extension to save RAM

Now when you again look at Chrome’s task manager, there you will not see those extensions running.

3. Enable GPU Acceleration

Another smart way to make chrome faster is by enabling GPU acceleration. GPU in chrome is used only when chrome is displaying GPU-accelerated content. GPU takes less power than CPU.  So,  if you enable GPU or hardware acceleration, chrome may run more effectively. 

First, type ‘chrome://gpu’ on the address bar and hit enter. 

Hardware GPU report in chrome

Under the Graphics Feature Status, make sure most of the features are hard accelerated. This way Chrome will use hardware acceleration to execute your processes faster. 

If you don’t find acceleration enabled then you can enable it by going to Menu >> Settings >> Advanced and toggle on the ‘use hardware acceleration when available’ option. 

enable hardware GPU acceleration in chrome

4. Release the Memory from Idle tab

Earlier you read, installing more extensions makes chrome use more memory. But there are some extensions specially built to manage RAM.

If you are working on many tabs then these extensions will help you to release the memory from the idle tab. In most of the cases you may not use all tabs at the same time, extension will find which tab is idle from a long time and then suspend such tabs to release the memory.

The Great Suspender is the best Chrome extension to suspend processes on all but one tab, instantly reducing how much memory Chrome is consuming.


  • suspend opened tabs by schedule or with a single click to save memory
  • restore tab all at one or only one needed
  • create group of tabs and save it for then using  
  • suspend and restore the selected tab or all at once

5. Stop Chrome from running in the background

Even if you close Chrome, the processes are still running in the background and consuming some memory. You can see how many processes are running in the background in Windows task manager.

To stop Chrome from running in the background, go to Menu >> Settings >> Advanced and turn off the ‘Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed’ option under the system section.

close Google chrome completely to fix high memory usage

Now open task manager, there you will not see any kind of Google Chrome’s processes running in the background.

6. Delete Google Chrome Junk

If you are using Google Chrome on your PC for a long time without any clean up then it acquires junk and makes you feel that Chrome is responding slow.

To clean up the junk from Google Chrome, first open the ‘Run’ dialog box by pressing ‘Windows Icon + R’ key and then enter ‘%appdata%’. 

Now jump back to AppData folder, and go to Local folder to find the Google folder inside.

Open the Chrome folder >> User Data >> Default. Default folder contains all of your Google Chrome data such as extensions, gmail id/password and history. 

remove junk file in chrome

Note: Deleting the Default folder will remove all of your data, so do this at your own risk. 

To rename or delete the folder, first of all kill every Chrome process running in the background using Windows task manager.

After deleting the folder, you’ll see a fresh Chrome running on your PC. 


Remove the unnecessary extensions and disable the extension when not in use. Close the tabs if not needed. Close the Chrome completely to stop chrome from using RAM in the background. All the tricks that we discussed here are very helpful to fix Chrome memory leaks and reduce Chrome memory usage.

Check out our another article on How To Fix Err_Empty_Response Error In Chrome.

FAQs on How to Fix Chrome memory Leak

Below are the couple of frequently asked queries with quick answers.

  1. How to Stop Chrome from using so much RAM?

    Make your Chrome up to date. Remove the unnecessary extensions and disable the extension when not in use. Close the tabs if not needed. Stop Chrome from running in the background.

  2. Why does Chrome use so much memory?

    Chrome takes up so much memory because it sandboxes everything you’re running. Chrome stores every window, tab, extension in a different process. Each process only takes up small memory, but the memory usage increases when there are more processes running. When you install many extensions, every extension separately consumes high memory.

  3. How much RAM does Chrome use?

     In Chrome, 3 active tabs can consume up to 100 MB RAM but it depends upon the content that is loading in each tab. So the amount of RAM Chrome uses depends on how many tabs you have open and what exactly you’re doing. The number of extensions installed on your Chrome also impacts Chrome memory usage.

CBD affiliate programs have been an evergrowing affiliate vertex where affiliates join to CBD affiliate marketing site then promote & sell a variety of products such as oil drops, capsules, protein bars.

Here is the list of popular CBD affiliate programs with their commission structure.

CBD Affiliate ProgramsCommission Rate
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Willow CBD Affiliate Program25% Commission

Leaf Remedy’s Affiliate Program

leaf remedys cbd affiliate program

Leaf Remedys is an online CBD store that sells the highest quality CBD products made from Colorado-grown hemp. If you are looking for an affiliate program to join and promote CBD products then Leaf Remedy’s affiliate program will be the best platform for you.

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Just CBD Affiliate Program

JUSTCBD affiliate program

You can join the JustCBD affiliate program with Commission Junction.

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  • 18% commission
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joy organics cbd affiliate program

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It offers a 25% of the commission with 60 days cookie duration. It payouts a commission twice a month.


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CBD Medic

CBD Medic is the best CPA (Cost Per Action) based CBD affiliate program. You will also receive the highest affiliate benefits in the CBD industry.

You can share your unique link or banner ads on your social media account or website or any other digital properties.

With this CBD affiliate marketing site, you can earn up to 30% commission on each sale you refer and get paid bi-weekly.

Honest Paws

honest paws cbd affiliate program

Honest Paws is helping pets to live happier, and healthier lives with top-quality CBD products for pets. Honest Paws pay its affiliate $50 per acquisition.

You can join its affiliate program either directly from its affiliate page or from the RevOffers affiliate site. The benefit of RevOffers is it provides a reliable tracking system.


  • $50 CPA
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  • Monthly Payout

Direct CBD Affiliate Program

direct CBD affiliate program

Direct CBD is a free CBD affiliate program where you earn a commission per referred customers. You can earn money by placing its ready-to-go high-quality banners to your website.

The great benefit of the Direct CBD affiliate program is you can easily track and view accurate performance data. You can see up-to-date information on conversions & commissions.


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CBD Pure Affiliate Program

CBD Pure Affiliate Program

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Willow CBD

willow cbd affiliate program

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Is your website rejected by Adsense many times? Are you facing Adsense policy violation issues? Want to know what thing is stopping your WordPress blog from getting Adsense approval?

If your target is only getting Adsense approval then remove this target from your mind and make a new target. If I was in your place, I will make my target to provide unique, SEO-friendly, and quality content to readers.

I hope you have just made a new target like me.

Getting Adsense approval has been very difficult these days. When we think our website has followed all the Adsense policies and meets all the criteria but Adsense rejects our website. It’s very difficult to encounter what is the exact issue.

If you are struggling for getting Adsense approval on WordPress blog then I recommend you to read my Adsense approval guide. In this post, I have included new Adsense approval tips and tricks for WordPress websites that you must follow to monetize your content with Adsense in 2021. 

If your blog is on Blogger then go through this article: How To Get Adsense Approval in Blogger?

Note: For creating an Adsense account and placing the Adsense setup code please follow another website or Youtube videos.

Let’s start.

13 Adsense Approval Tricks for WordPress Sites:

Here are some of my tricks and tips I followed before submission of my WordPress site on AdSense. These AdSense approval tips and tricks may help you if you follow them strictly.

Domain Age:

Don’t hurry. If you have just bought a new TLD domain and started publishing content then wait at least 25 days. When your domain becomes one month old, the chance of getting AdSense approval also becomes higher.

Number of Posts to Publish:

You should publish 15 to 20 articles on your website only if the word length is greater than 500 words. If your word length is less than 500 words then create 30 to 40 posts. But I always recommend my friends and other newbie content creators to publish at least 20 posts having at least 1000 word length.

Create Unique Content:

Your content must be unique and easy to read. Never use translator, AI, or any kind of other tools to generate content if you want Adsense approval without any issue. Repeating some portion of text multiple times inside your article won’t make your content unique.

To make your content easy to read for your visitors, you can partition your content into different sections by using proper heading and subheadings. Make use of bold, italics font style to focus some phrases on your content.

Use RankMath or Yoast SEO plugin to make your content SEO-friendly.

Use Grammarly to make your content spelling and grammatical error-free. Grammarly helps to reduce spelling, and grammar mistakes while you are creating content.

grammarly banner

Use Unique Images:

Like posts, images that you use on your website must be unique. Downloading copyright free images won’t make images unique. The reason is such images are downloaded and used by many people.

To create unique images you can use Photoshop or Canva. The images that you create yourself are 100% unique and won’t make issue for Adsense approval.

Blog Niche:

Nowadays Google AdSense is looking for uniqueness. Creating quality content on unique topics can implies uniqueness on your website.

Most of the newbie bloggers start their journey without doing niche research. They choose highly competitive niches such as Tech, Health, Finance, SEO, SMO, etc. But there are so many websites having high authority already working on these niches.

When you start writing articles on these niches then surely you might not add extra value on your content. You might reproduce the same content that is already present on the Internet. As a result, your website can’t have uniqueness and gets rejected by AdSense.

Therefore choose a micro-niche rather than a macro niche. An example could be: Shoes (Macro) >> Running Shoes (Micro). The benefit of micro-niche is you can focus on specific topics that are easy to rank.

Do not choose blog niches that are strictly restricted by Google Adsense. Software downloading/cracking, adult, drugs, dominating, weapons, gambling, hacking are not allowed in Google Adsense.

Create Important Pages:

You must have About, Contact, Privacy Policy pages on your website. Just creating a page by giving about or contact title is not enough. On the About page, you have to write about your website and the authors (you and your team). Similarly, on the contact page, you should embed a contact form and attach your email address, phone number, address, and social media links too.

For the privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms of use pages, you can use online tools to generate the content and customize it in your own way.

Moderate Comments:

moderate comments for Adsense approval

To be eligible for Adsense, your website must have a comment section and spam-free content on comments.

If your website is being rejected by Adsense then comments can be the reason. When you start getting organic traffic, your website starts receiving comments. There is also a high chance that spammers can put irrelevant content including links on comments.

Thus, you’ll need to moderate your comment section so it stays compliant with the Adsense Program policies and free from inappropriate/spam content.

Website Design:

Creating quality & unique content is not enough to become an Adsense publisher. The design of your theme also matters. Google Adsense can reject your application if your website is not responsive or mobile-friendly.

Never choose a theme that has ugly font and a small font size.

Choosing a simple, fast-loading, schema optimized, and SEO-friendly WordPress theme can help you in Adsense approval and ranking.

Customize Your Theme:

Once you find a good theme for your WordPress site, start customizing your theme. When you install a theme, you will see the theme’s default logo, demo content, and categories on your website.

You have to add your own logo & favicon, add new categories, and create a new menu bar. If you have used a demo content installer then you need to also remove the demo pages, posts, and categories. Customize the sidebar and footer area by adding widgets like recent posts, pages, categories.

Website Navigation:

Google Adsense can reject your application if your website doesn’t have proper navigation.

Make your website easy to navigate for your visitors by creating a primary menu bar, top menu bar, footer widgets, and sidebar. Show all the categories in the primary menu bar. Show all the pages in the top menu bar. If your theme doesn’t have a top menu bar then display the pages on either footer or sidebar.

Never hide anything on your website. Make them publicly visible.

For example, your website is in the Technology niche and your primary menu would look like: Home <> Mobile <> PC <> How-To. While creating articles, choose only one category that is relevant. If you are publishing the same post in two or more categories then your website might get rejected.

If a category is empty (without posts) then your Adsense application would be rejected with a Site-Under construction issue. That’s why it is recommended to publish at least 3 posts in each category. 

Webmaster Settings:

Another tip for Adsense approval is the webmaster setting which is also officially written in Adsense policies. 

Connect your website on Google search console and Analytics. Next, create a sitemap.xml file with the help of RankMath SEO plugin and then submit the sitemap in the search console. 

submit sitemap in search console

It is also necessary to have all the posts and pages indexed on Google. If not indexed, use Search Console to request indexing. 

Before applying in Adsense, check whether your website is having any coverage or indexing issues on the search console. If you find an issue then fix and validate it.

Fix Broken Links:

Linking to another page within the same website or another website is good for SEO. But you must check whether those links are broken or not. A broken link redirects visitors to an empty or 404 error page.

That’s why before applying for AdSense, you must be sure that your website is free of broken links.

In case you remove a page/post from your site that is already indexed in Google, you need to fix it. You have to submit the request for removal in Search Console. It will remove the specific posts on your site from Google Search results.


Traffic is not a mandatory thing. Google AdSense haven’t mentioned how much traffic is needed for AdSense approval. But you should not use bots or any kind of tools to drive/exchange traffic. If AdSense found such kind of illegal activity on your website then your website will get rejected.

So focus on creating good quality content rather than driving traffic.

You can share the blog posts link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

If you implement all the AdSense approval tricks, your WordPress website will be eligible for AdSense. Now you can apply in AdSense.

Things To Do After Applying for Google Adsense:

For some publishers, the review process can be short while for some publishers it can take up to two weeks. While your website is being reviewed by the Adsense team you have to do the following things that I have mentioned below.

Update your website: 

Publish at least 5 new articles on your website and then submit each new post for indexing in the search console. Manually review every post, if you find a post having few paragraphs then update it by adding more words. 

Don’t Update your Theme:

If you have manually placed the Adsense setup code in between <head> and </head> tags then you must not update the theme. Updating your theme will remove the code from your website and if the Adsense team doesn’t find the code then they will reject your application. That’s why do not make any changes on your website like updating or replacing the active theme.

You can use the Google Site Kit plugin which helps to connect your website on Adsense, Search Console, and Analytics. It will connect your Adsense account and then automatically add the Google AdSense code to the header of your WordPress website. The benefit of using this plugin is that the code won’t get removed even after updating the theme.

Make your website live 24/7:

make your website live during review process by AdSense

Keeping your website active 24/7 is also necessary during the review period because if your website gets down and the Adsense team couldn’t access your website then your application will be rejected. Thus it is necessary to have a good web hosting.

Make your website fast:

If your website takes a long time to load then obviously your application will be rejected. Adsense never accepts such a website whose loading speed is so poor and destroys the user experience.

If you are searching a good web hosting company that provides 99.99% uptime guarantee with super fast speed then Hostinger is the best. Hostinger boosts your website performance using LiteSpeed cache tool for website acceleration. LiteSpeed cache tool features a server-level cache and a collection of optimization features. Hostinger also provides free SSL that improves the security of your website.

If you need an additional 7% discount on each Hostinger subscription plan then use coupon code: HIT2021. Buy Hostinger Now.


I know you want to get AdSense approved on your WordPress site thus I am also sure that you have read all the tricks that I have shared with you in this article. Continue creating quality and unique content until you get Adsense approval.

Good luck!

If you have stilly any problem regarding AdSense approval on your site then please leave a comment.

FAQ’s on Adsense Approval Tricks for WordPress

Below are the couple of frequently asked queries with quick answers.

  1. How many posts are required for AdSense?

    According to my experience, you must have at least 20 good-quality posts if your content length is 500+ words. If your content length is less than 500 words then you must have at least 30 posts.

  2. How much traffic do you need for AdSense approval?

    AdSense has not mentioned how much traffic you should have for AdSense approval. But the use of bots or tools to drive/exchange traffic to a website is strictly prohibited by AdSense.

  3. How much time does the AdSense takes to approve?

    If you meet all the AdSense eligibility criteria and follow the AdSense policy, AdSense approval usually occurs within 24 to 48 hours. For some publishers, it can take up to 2 weeks.

  4. How can I get AdSense approval fast?

    There is not a rule for fast or slow process to get AdSense approval quickly. It totally depends on the how many requests are in queue.

  5. Is it hard to get AdSense approval?

    Getting AdSense approval could be hard if you don’t write quality & unique content, and don’t follow the AdSense policies. AdSense approval could be easy for you if you don’t break any rule, and write good quality content.

  6. How do I get AdSense approval on WordPress?

    For getting AdSense approval on WordPress, first, customize your theme in a proper way to give a unique look. Write high-quality content and always use copyright-free images. Have at least 20 quality posts and make your content length around 1000 words. Use RankMath plugin to optimize your posts and create a sitemap for your website. Use Google Site Kit plugin to easily connect your site to AdSense account and place the code on every page.

Do you want to transfer your Yahoo domain name to a new registrant?

Transferring a domain from one registrar to another is not so hard. There are specific steps that should be followed while transferring a domain name. 

In this article, I have explained every instruction in depth including necessary snapshots to help you transfer your Yahoo Small Business domain name.

Note: If you need to update your domain’s nameservers, make sure to do it before the transfer process is initiated. Otherwise it will be possible only after the transfer process is completed. 

Steps to transfer your Yahoo Domain to a new registrar:

transfer yahoo domain to new registrar

1. Verify that the contact information for your domain is accurate:

Before initiating the domain transfer process, make sure the contact information for your domain is accurate in the WhoIs database. 

The WhoIs database is the official record listing that holds the contact information including email address.  Your contact information recorded in WhoIs database is used by both Yahoo and your new domain registrar to contact you during the domain transfer process.

2. Verify your domain name is eligible for transfer:

Make sure your domain name is eligible for transfer before initiating the domain transfer process. To verify this, sign in to your Yahoo Small Business account and check the following:

  • Your domain name is not on hold with Yahoo. 
  • Your domain has been with Yahoo for at least 60 days.

3. Unlock your Yahoo domain:

Locked Domain

Your domain might be locked to prevent unauthorized, unwanted or accidental changes to the domain name. If you want to transfer your domain, you must first unlock it. To do this, log in to your Yahoo Business control panel. 

Navigate to Online → Domains settings option from the left sidebar. Click “Locked” and then click toggle off and save the changes.

domain unlocking

After unlocking your domain, the locking status for your domain will be set to unlocked.

unlocked domain

4. Obtain the Auth/ERP code:

To transfer your domain, you must have obtained the Auth code from Yahoo. Auth code is a unique code assigned by registrars to domain names at the time of domain registration. 

To do this, login to your Yahoo Small Business control panel. Click the Online then navigate to Domains.

Authorization code of domain

Under domain settings click “View” hyperlink to see your authorization code. A popup box will open with some text, there you need to click the “Follow these steps” hyperlink.

view the authorization code of yahoo domain

Once you click the hyperlink, another popup box will open where you will get the Auth code for your domain.

obtain authorization code for your yahoo domain

5. Transfer domain to a new registrar:

If you have already chosen a new registrar where you are transferring your Yahoo domain. Otherwise, you can choose GoDaddy or Cloudlaya as your new registrar. Here I am transferring my Yahoo domain name to Cloudlaya.

transfer yahoo domain to cloudlaya

First visit your new registrar’s Transfer Domain page then enter your Yahoo domain, Auth code and click “ADD TO CART” to proceed ahead. 

enter domain and auth code of domain that you want to transfer

You will be redirected to the Domains Configuration page. Here you can review your domain name selections and any addons that are available. Once you review your domain configuration, click the “CONTINUE” button. 

domains configuration

Now your new domain registrar company will review your domain transfer request and approve your request if you have submitted valid authorization code.

Here is the snapshot as proof of the successful transfer of my Yahoo domain to Cloudlaya.

domain is active after successful transfer from yahoo to new registrar

Is your Adsense account showing an error “Your Site is Unreachable” while verifying Adsense setup code on your site? Then you’re on the right web page where a solution to this issue has been provided. 

Following possible mistakes can show site connection issues in Adsense account:

  • If you have not provided the correct URL of your site.
  • If your site is not working or down when Adsense is checking for verification code.
  • If email address linked to your site is different from the email address linked to the Adsense account. 

In this article, I am going to help you fix the Site Unreachable issue in Adsense by providing step by step guide on fixing site connection issues.

How to fix the Adsense Unreachable Site issue?

When trying to connect a friend’s blog to Adsense, there were site connection issues, the site URL was correct and the setup code was in the right place, but Adsense was showing that your site is unreachable.

To solve this problem, I used some techniques that I am teaching you today through this article.

I have shared 4 techniques here, I don’t know which of these 4 techniques will work for your site. So read all the techniques mentioned here carefully and keep using them on your site.

fix Unreachable Site Issue in Adsense

Place the code correctly

If Adsense can’t confirm the code is placed correctly on your site, you’ll see a message on your Adsense account. Here are some things to check to help you fix connection issues. 

The Adsense set up code is missing or incomplete:

  • Did you paste the code into the HTML file of your site?
  • Did you paste the code between <head> and </head> tags?
  • Did you paste the code into the same site you used to sign up for Adsense?

If your site is running on WordPress CMS, then simply open the theme editor section, open header.php file, and paste the code between <head> and </head> tags. Or you can simply place the code without code editing by installing the Site Kit plugin.

If your blog is running on Blogger, first go to Theme, near the Customize button, you’ll see a down arrow icon, click on that icon and click on edit HTML option. Copy and paste the code between <head> and </head> tags.

Use same email address

Did you create an Adsense account with a different email address that has not been used in your site?

If the email used in the Blogger blog is different from the email used when opening an Adsense account, Adsense code verification may be problematic.

It will be better to use the same email address on both Adsense and blog if you don’t want the risk.

 Make sure site URL is correct

This is a common mistake that happens while connecting the website on Adsense. If your website URL is not correct in your Adsense account, then you will get an unreachable site issue.

To make sure your website URL is correct, first check the spelling of domain name. If you made a mistake, you can click on the pencil icon and update your URL.

If domain name is correct, but still getting the same error, then follow my next step. Open another tab in your browser and check if your website is accessible when you try to open it on different link formats:

  • Copy the link of your website showing at your Adsense account and check it on your browser.

Domain name forwarding

If your website is accessible on all possible link formats but still Adsense is showing “Your Site is Unreachable” then the steps explained here may help you. 

Step 1: 

First, log in to your GoDaddy account (or where you bought the domain from). Next, open the DNS management page of your domain. In the DNS management page, first, make sure CNAME and A records are properly added.

GoDaddy DNS Management to make sure CNAME and A records are properly added

Step 2:

On the manage DNS page, scroll down to the Forwarding section, and under domain, click Add. 

(As a default, you might see the forwarding option is empty. )

Domain Forwarding Setup

Use the Forward To menu, select HTTP or HTTPS for your site’s URL. In the blank field under Forward To, enter your site URL with www. Example: 

Note: If you have added SSL and your website run on https protocol then select https.

Make sure Forward Type is set to Permanent (301) and under settings Forward Only option is selected as shown in screenshot below. 

Domain forwarding settings

Step 3:

Once you completed forwarding domain successfully, it’s time to forward subdomain, under subdomain, click Add. 

First, enter naked link of your site in the blank field without www and http. Example:

Subdomain forwarding

Next, use the Forward To menu, select HTTP or HTTPS for your site’s URL. In the blank field under Forward To, enter your site URL with www. Example: 

Subdomain Forward To

Make sure Forward Type is set to Permanent (301) and under settings Forward Only option is selected as shown in screenshot below.

Subdomain forwarding settings

Wait for 2 to 4 minutes, and go back to your Adsense account, then check if your site is reachable.


Did the techniques I mentioned here solve the site unreachable issues in your Adsense account?

If not, please check the robots.txt file of your website once. Google crawlers may have been blocked by mistake on robots.txt.

You can check my another guide on how to get Adsense approval on Blogger blog.

SiteGround is a well-established web hosting provider lauded for its excellent services by thousands of people worldwide. It is known for its flexibility, both in terms of services and pricing!

If you are looking to buy a SiteGround Startup plan once look at this SiteGround StartUp Plan Review completely.

Talking about my personal opinion as someone who has used SiteGround, I can say that I am more than satisfied! I bought this deal before Black Friday, so I did think that it was a bit expensive. But their consistency has justified the worth!

Moreover, it is very much scalable according to the needs of your business. Whether you’re a small business owner or a business tycoon, SiteGround has a plan for you!

SiteGround Startup Plan Review: Why to Read This Review Despite of Plenty of Reviews

SiteGround Start Up Plan Review

The table below shows how the SiteGround StartUp Plan compares to the Growbig plan and GoGeek plan:

SiteGround StartUp Plan compares to the Growbig plan and GoGeek plan

As you can see clearly, the StartUp plan is obviously the cheapest option.

Hosting PlansOriginal CostBlackfriday CostYou Saved
StartUp Plan$47.4/yr
GrowBig Plan
GoGeek Plan$143.4/yr

By looking at the SiteGround pricing plan you may think its quite costly. But just hold your breath I have something for you. The pricing was always flexible, and with Black Friday 2020, it has also gotten cheaper. Talking about things other than money, i.e., speed, security, reliability, SiteGround Black Friday Deals is something you should consider!

Basic Review:

SiteGround has had thousands of positive reviews from people worldwide, and mine is a plus one. People complain that SiteGround is a tad bit expensive when it comes to renewal rates, but it’s compensated by their incredible performance and features.

SiteGround StartUp Plan review by Yoast SEO Founder

I will now share my experience with SiteGround in the following points.


Performance-wise, if you sign up for the StartUp plan, you’ll get your money’s worth. 

It comes with free CDN and unmetered traffic, just like the other two plans that cost more.

Your websites will run smoothly with the Siteground StartUp plan. I can say that because I was using the same back in the day. Not long ago, I signed up for the StartUp plan, and I found the performance very satisfactory. It is consistent, and you will not complain too much.

However, I must advise you to go with other hostings such as Bluehost or Hostgator if you are looking to start your business on a smaller scale. I am saying so because the introductory subscription price for SiteGround is comparatively expensive.

SiteGround Performance


All the plans offered by SiteGround are pretty much the same when it comes to speed.

However, if you go with GrowBig or GoGeek, SiteGround will provide you with NGINX Direct Delivery services. 

This will ensure that the images on your sites will load comparatively faster.

Siteground enables NGINX Direct Delivery for all sites on their servers.

I’m particularly impressed with SiteGround’s CDN. Keep in mind; I’m still talking about the StartUp plan. Even in the StartUp plan, SiteGround’s CDN services are top-notch.

The sites load incredibly fast and consistent. Siteground’s speed from January 2019 through November 2019 was clocked at a remarkable average of 673ms! 

SiteGround Speed


If you ever come across an issue while managing your site, be it technical or otherwise, the SiteGround support team is ready to help! And when I say “ever,” I mean it literally! Because they are available around the clock 24/7!!

Even while buying the product, they were accommodating. SiteGround’s 24/7 human helpline availability proved essential for me in finding the best plan for my website. 

They helped me navigate through all their plans and showed me a few backdoors to their lesser-known features as well.

All in all, I give a perfect score of 100 to SiteGround’s support team!

SiteGround Support


Considering that the StartUp plan does include automated nightly backups that keep you fully updated, reliability should not concern you.

The customer services of SiteGround do not discriminate between a StartUp plan subscriber and a GoGeek subscriber! All the clients are given equal priority.

I know this because I have used both of their plans. The user interface was impressive and helpful.


Throughout the 24 months of using the SiteGround StartUp plan, I found the uptime to be 99.98% on average, which is quite marvelous! 

SiteGround Website building


SiteGround is very good in terms of security. They maintain Web Application Firewall, adding hundreds of different rules each year in order to solve new and unidentified security issues.

Due to this feature, customers need not panic if an unspecified security threat hits their website.

SiteGround also has the AI anti-bot system that will identify and prevent bots from plaguing your site. 

For as long as I used SiteGround, I never came across a security issue that wasn’t solved right away!

So I must say, SiteGround is secure. 

Top-notch SiteGround Security

Need a Reason to Buy the Startup Plan?

Here are EIGHT:

1. 99.99% uptime: Your website will never go down

2. Guaranteed security: Hackers won’t get even a sneak peek

3. Best Recommended By WordPress Official: Trusted by the experts

4. User-friendly set up: You will be set up in no time, with no hassle

5. Domain Management to prevent brand abuse

6. 24/7 customer service: There is always someone to help you

7. Automated Backups and updates: You will always be fully updated

8. Positive user reviews: You are not alone

Don’t Buy SiteGround Startup Plan If:

You are expecting low renewal rates:

I must advise you not to buy SiteGround if you are expecting low renewal rates. It is a tactic used by almost every web hosting company as they try to lure you in showing relatively lower introductory prices, which eventually spike up. 

SiteGround has higher renewal rates, which might not impress its customers.

For example, you will sign up for the StartUp plan for just $6. But when your service is expired, and you have to renew it, the price will spike up to double the original!

However, if you go with the GrowBig or GoGeek plan, this problem will not arise.

You are looking for free Domains:

SiteGround also doesn’t hand out domain names for free. You have to pay to register your domain name. 

To be frank, this is a hard blow to the customers as most web hostings provide this feature without any costs, but not necessarily. Some companies provide free domains just so they can charge higher rates when the domains expire and need renewals.

Free domains, for me, are really essential. Even more irritating is the fact that almost all the hosting companies provide free domains! In my opinion, this is a deal-breaker, but the incredible performance of SiteGround overshadows this issue. 

If you ask me, I knew that I wouldn’t be getting free domains, but I still subscribed to the StartUp plan. And honestly speaking, I do not have many regrets!

Who Is the Startup Plan For?

Look at the name. What do you see? Startup.

That’s right! There’s your answer.

The SiteGround StartUp plan is for the newbies in the website industry! That is if I put it vaguely.

Specifically speaking, you can go with the StartUp plan if you own a small scale business that requires only one website. 

Bloggers, freelancers, graphic designers, etc. can opt for this plan if they work alone or with a small team.

You can rely on the SiteGround StartUp plan if: 

  1. You are on a low budget.
  2. You are in the initial phase of your business.
  3. You aren’t planning to have more than a single website in the future.
  4. You want Free SSL
  5. You want to host with spam prevention 
  6. You want to host with 99.99 to 100% uptime. 

FAQs on SiteGround Startup Plan: What You Need to Know More?

  1. Is SiteGround shared hosting?

    SiteGround is shared hosting.
    It offers various shared hosting features like wordpress hosting, cloud hosting, and also dedicated servers.

  2. Is the SiteGround StartUp plan appropriate for wordpress?

    SiteGround is optimized primarily for wordpress sites, so it is one of WordPress users’ best options. It also has various plugins that will help optimize your websites. 

  3. Does the SiteGround StartUp plan include free domains?

    None of the SiteGround plans offer free domains. 
    However, I suggest you not to look for free domains because many companies will give you a free domain name and profit from you indirectly at the time of domain renewal.

  4. Does the SiteGround StartUp plan offer free SSL certificates?

    Yes, SiteGround offers a free SSL certificate for all their plans. You can issue as many free Let’s Encrypt certificates as you need on all SiteGround accounts. The Let’s Encrypt tool of your cPanel helps you to install these.


Keeping aside a few policies that might not sit well with the users, SiteGround is fairly impressive.The StartUp Plan offered by SiteGround is stacked with incredible features and will definitely impress you. In summary, I think you should try this out because web hostings as renowned as SiteGround don’t come up with these types of offers every Sunday!

A most considered point while building either an organizational or a personal website is hosting. How well your online business will perform depend on what type of web hosting you’ve chosen for your website?

The biggest mistake most of the people or company do is they choose such a web hosting company whose price is cheap but their feature, service & support is too weak.

Web page speed also has been a crucial SEO (Search Engine Optimization)ranking factor. Websites which takes time to load are always ignored by both user and Google bot.

A website is like a machine that makes money while you are sleeping. Even a two-minute server downtime can make a huge loss in your business. In such a case some of the companies hire a server administrator to monitor, scan malware, report & solve any issue.

The best option for such a headache is a managed web hosting. A managed web hosting works in different server-side measures to improve the overall site’s performance. When you choose a managed web hosting company the crucial benefits you receive are:

  • Automated backups
  • Automatically manage updates
  • Malware scanning and removal
  • Status monitoring
  • security sweeps
  • Better caching
  • Better Support

So why not to deploy your website with a managed web hosting rather than choosing an unmanaged and irritating hosting.

Checkout our another blog post on SiteGround StartUp Plan Review.

What is Cloudlaya?

Cloudlaya managed hosting provider

Cloudlaya is the best managed web hosting provider in Nepal that comes with amazing services, support, and affordable plans & pricing. Cloudlaya provides top-level domain registration as well as both shared and managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting services.

Cloudlaya manages your domain, email and hosting from a single control panel.

Cloudlaya Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is best suited for a small blog or personal website. Cloudlaya offers the cheapest shared hosting packages in Nepal.

Cloudlaya shared hosting packages include:

  • cPanel
  • Linux
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Email hosting services
  • Subdomains

Cloudlaya has partitioned shared hosting service into 3 different packages: Beginner, Standard, & Professional.

When you choose a beginner Cloudlaya shared hosting package, you will get 1GB disk space, 20 GB bandwidth, 5 subdomains, and 10 Emails at just Rs 1500.

When you choose a standard Cloudlaya shared hosting package, you will get 2 GB disk space, 50 GB bandwidth, 10 subdomains, 10 Emails at just Rs 2000.

When you choose a professional Cloudlaya shared hosting package, you’ll get 5 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 20 subdomains, and 20 Emails at just Rs 2500.

Cloudlaya shared hosting price

Cloudlaya Managed VPS Hosting:

At the beginning of this article, you must have known what is managed web hosting and how it affects the performance of the website.

The basic component of managed VPS hosting is the server hardware used. The server used here install an operating system and different software to run websites.

Cloudlaya provides the cheapest managed VPS hosting services in Nepal. It is built with top-level cloud service providers such as Linode, Vultr, & Digital Ocean.

Cloudlaya offers automation of server monitoring, backup and also 24/7 expert support so you can focus on the growth of your business only. You do not need to worry about monitoring and managing the servers.

Cloudlaya automates all the work of server administration. Here are certain advantages for choosing a Cloudlaya managed web hosting package:

  • Automatic update of software such as PHP, Apache, MYSQL
  • Automatically managed backups
  • Better technical support
  • Heightened security
  • Performance monitoring
  • Security, malware scanning and removal
  • On-demand services
  • SSH (Secure Shell) access
  • Control panel to create a database, email forwarders, DNS records, access logs, view performance statistics

Cloudlaya provides services as requested on the basis of the on-demand feature.

The plans and pricing for the VULTR managed cloud hosting are:

  • At Rs 500/month you will get 512 MB RAM, 1 Core Processor, 10 GB Storage, and 500 GB Bandwidth.
  • At Rs 1000/month you will get 1 GB RAM, 1 Core Processor, 25 GB Storage, and 1 TB Bandwidth.
  • At Rs 2000/month you will get 2 GB RAM, 1 Core Processor, 55 GB Storage, and 2TB Bandwidth.
Vultr Managed Hosting Cloudlaya

The plans and pricing for the DigitalOcean managed cloud hosting are:

  • At Rs 1000/month you will get 1 GB RAM, 1 Core Processor, 25 GB Storage, and 1 TB Bandwidth.
  • At Rs 2000/month you will get 2 GB RAM, 1 Core Processor, 50 GB Storage, and 2 TB Bandwidth.
  • At Rs 4000/month you will get 4 GB RAM, 2 Core Processor, 80 GB Storage, and 4TB Bandwidth.
  • At Rs 8000/month you will get 8 GB RAM, 4 Core Processor, 160 GB Storage, and 5TB Bandwidth.
DigitalOcean managed hosting Cloudlaya

The plans and pricing for the Linode managed cloud hosting are:

  • At Rs 1000/month you will get 1 GB RAM, 1 Core Processor, 25 GB Storage, and 1 TB Bandwidth.
  • At Rs 2000/month you will get 2 GB RAM, 1 Core Processor, 50 GB Storage, and 2 TB Bandwidth.
  • At Rs 4000/month you will get 4 GB RAM, 2 Core Processor, 80 GB Storage, and 4TB Bandwidth.
  • At Rs 8000/month you will get 8 GB RAM, 4 Core Processor, 160 GB Storage, and 5TB Bandwidth.
Linode managed hosting Cloudlaya

Cloudlaya Managed WordPress Hosting:

Cloudlaya provides the managed WordPress hosting which is more reliable & secured than the unmanaged WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting look all the plugin and theme installed that can be a threat to the website. It also protects your WordPress site from malicious login attempts.

The biggest benefit of Cloudlaya managed WordPress hosting is a better caching mechanism. Caching dramatically improves the loading time of your WordPress website. The server-based caching mechanism is much more efficient and better than the caching achieved through a plugin.


So if you want to run your online business in a secured cloud platform without any server maintenance headache then Cloudlaya can be a great option for you.

After reading this review blog, you must have known that it is better to choose the best web hosting company rather than a cheap hosting company. So, deploy your website with Cloudlaya and focus on the marketing of your website and leave all the server headache to Cloudlaya.

Popular posts have great importance in blogging to engage your visitors which leads to reduce bounce rate. Displaying popular posts with a thumbnail in WordPress helps you to get more views. Most of the WordPress theme doesn’t support this WordPress functionality to display popular posts.

Here I will help you to create a WordPress widget that will show popular posts (with thumbnail) by views without installing any plugin. This widget will use a custom view counter that counts and store views of all posts. We will use some code snippet to fetch the views from view counter and display those popular posts with their thumbnail image below every WordPress post.

Before customizing your WordPress theme you need to create a child theme so that changes on the theme will not be affected while updating the theme.

A child theme is set up with a folder, functions.php and stylesheet file. So, create a folder inside wp-content/themes where your parent theme also exists. 

For example, if your theme is twenty seventeen then the folder name for child theme will be twenty seventeen-child.

The next step is to create a stylesheet file named ‘style.css‘ inside the twenty seventeen-child. Copy and paste the following code snippet on style.css file.

Now, in order to load parent’s stylesheet on a child theme, you need to add the following code on function.php of the child theme.

After creating a child theme, let’s add some custom code on the child theme.

1. Set Post View Counter:

Add the following code on functions.php of your child theme. This code snippet will get post views and set it on view counter.

2. Display Popular Posts with Thumbnail:

After adding code to set up a view counter, you also need to add the following code snippet where you want to display the popular posts.

I am going to display the most viewed posts with thumbnail below every WordPress post. So I need to customize a ‘single.php‘ file.

This code snippet will display the most popular posts from category 1, you can change this category number.

3. Style the Popular Post Section:

The next step is to style the popular post section with custom CSS code. Customize this section regarding the design and color of your theme to make it more attractive.

Finally, our popular posts will look like this:

Popular posts with thumbnail


I hope this article and the code snippets have helped you in displaying popular posts with thumbnail. If you have any problem in creating or styling the popular post section then mention it in the comment section.