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SiteGround StartUp Plan Review: Is it worth the money?

SiteGround is a well-established web hosting provider lauded for its excellent services by thousands of people worldwide. It is known for its flexibility, both in terms of services and pricing!

If you are looking to buy a SiteGround Startup plan once look at this SiteGround StartUp Plan Review completely.

Talking about my personal opinion as someone who has used SiteGround, I can say that I am more than satisfied! I bought this deal before Black Friday, so I did think that it was a bit expensive. But their consistency has justified the worth!

Moreover, it is very much scalable according to the needs of your business. Whether you’re a small business owner or a business tycoon, SiteGround has a plan for you!

SiteGround Startup Plan Review: Why to Read This Review Despite of Plenty of Reviews

SiteGround Start Up Plan Review

The table below shows how the SiteGround StartUp Plan compares to the Growbig plan and GoGeek plan:

SiteGround StartUp Plan compares to the Growbig plan and GoGeek plan

As you can see clearly, the StartUp plan is obviously the cheapest option.

Hosting PlansOriginal CostBlackfriday CostYou Saved
StartUp Plan$47.4/yr
GrowBig Plan
GoGeek Plan$143.4/yr

By looking at the SiteGround pricing plan you may think its quite costly. But just hold your breath I have something for you. The pricing was always flexible, and with Black Friday 2020, it has also gotten cheaper. Talking about things other than money, i.e., speed, security, reliability, SiteGround Black Friday Deals is something you should consider!

Basic Review:

SiteGround has had thousands of positive reviews from people worldwide, and mine is a plus one. People complain that SiteGround is a tad bit expensive when it comes to renewal rates, but it’s compensated by their incredible performance and features.

SiteGround StartUp Plan review by Yoast SEO Founder

I will now share my experience with SiteGround in the following points.


Performance-wise, if you sign up for the StartUp plan, you’ll get your money’s worth. 

It comes with free CDN and unmetered traffic, just like the other two plans that cost more.

Your websites will run smoothly with the Siteground StartUp plan. I can say that because I was using the same back in the day. Not long ago, I signed up for the StartUp plan, and I found the performance very satisfactory. It is consistent, and you will not complain too much.

However, I must advise you to go with other hostings such as Bluehost or Hostgator if you are looking to start your business on a smaller scale. I am saying so because the introductory subscription price for SiteGround is comparatively expensive.

SiteGround Performance


All the plans offered by SiteGround are pretty much the same when it comes to speed.

However, if you go with GrowBig or GoGeek, SiteGround will provide you with NGINX Direct Delivery services. 

This will ensure that the images on your sites will load comparatively faster.

Siteground enables NGINX Direct Delivery for all sites on their servers.

I’m particularly impressed with SiteGround’s CDN. Keep in mind; I’m still talking about the StartUp plan. Even in the StartUp plan, SiteGround’s CDN services are top-notch.

The sites load incredibly fast and consistent. Siteground’s speed from January 2019 through November 2019 was clocked at a remarkable average of 673ms! 

SiteGround Speed


If you ever come across an issue while managing your site, be it technical or otherwise, the SiteGround support team is ready to help! And when I say “ever,” I mean it literally! Because they are available around the clock 24/7!!

Even while buying the product, they were accommodating. SiteGround’s 24/7 human helpline availability proved essential for me in finding the best plan for my website. 

They helped me navigate through all their plans and showed me a few backdoors to their lesser-known features as well.

All in all, I give a perfect score of 100 to SiteGround’s support team!

SiteGround Support


Considering that the StartUp plan does include automated nightly backups that keep you fully updated, reliability should not concern you.

The customer services of SiteGround do not discriminate between a StartUp plan subscriber and a GoGeek subscriber! All the clients are given equal priority.

I know this because I have used both of their plans. The user interface was impressive and helpful.


Throughout the 24 months of using the SiteGround StartUp plan, I found the uptime to be 99.98% on average, which is quite marvelous! 

SiteGround Website building


SiteGround is very good in terms of security. They maintain Web Application Firewall, adding hundreds of different rules each year in order to solve new and unidentified security issues.

Due to this feature, customers need not panic if an unspecified security threat hits their website.

SiteGround also has the AI anti-bot system that will identify and prevent bots from plaguing your site. 

For as long as I used SiteGround, I never came across a security issue that wasn’t solved right away!

So I must say, SiteGround is secure. 

Top-notch SiteGround Security

Need a Reason to Buy the Startup Plan?

Here are EIGHT:

1. 99.99% uptime: Your website will never go down

2. Guaranteed security: Hackers won’t get even a sneak peek

3. Best Recommended By WordPress Official: Trusted by the experts

4. User-friendly set up: You will be set up in no time, with no hassle

5. Domain Management to prevent brand abuse

6. 24/7 customer service: There is always someone to help you

7. Automated Backups and updates: You will always be fully updated

8. Positive user reviews: You are not alone

Don’t Buy SiteGround Startup Plan If:

You are expecting low renewal rates:

I must advise you not to buy SiteGround if you are expecting low renewal rates. It is a tactic used by almost every web hosting company as they try to lure you in showing relatively lower introductory prices, which eventually spike up. 

SiteGround has higher renewal rates, which might not impress its customers.

For example, you will sign up for the StartUp plan for just $6. But when your service is expired, and you have to renew it, the price will spike up to double the original!

However, if you go with the GrowBig or GoGeek plan, this problem will not arise.

You are looking for free Domains:

SiteGround also doesn’t hand out domain names for free. You have to pay to register your domain name. 

To be frank, this is a hard blow to the customers as most web hostings provide this feature without any costs, but not necessarily. Some companies provide free domains just so they can charge higher rates when the domains expire and need renewals.

Free domains, for me, are really essential. Even more irritating is the fact that almost all the hosting companies provide free domains! In my opinion, this is a deal-breaker, but the incredible performance of SiteGround overshadows this issue. 

If you ask me, I knew that I wouldn’t be getting free domains, but I still subscribed to the StartUp plan. And honestly speaking, I do not have many regrets!

Who Is the Startup Plan For?

Look at the name. What do you see? Startup.

That’s right! There’s your answer.

The SiteGround StartUp plan is for the newbies in the website industry! That is if I put it vaguely.

Specifically speaking, you can go with the StartUp plan if you own a small scale business that requires only one website. 

Bloggers, freelancers, graphic designers, etc. can opt for this plan if they work alone or with a small team.

You can rely on the SiteGround StartUp plan if: 

  1. You are on a low budget.
  2. You are in the initial phase of your business.
  3. You aren’t planning to have more than a single website in the future.
  4. You want Free SSL
  5. You want to host with spam prevention 
  6. You want to host with 99.99 to 100% uptime. 

FAQs on SiteGround Startup Plan: What You Need to Know More?

  1. Is SiteGround shared hosting?

    SiteGround is shared hosting.
    It offers various shared hosting features like wordpress hosting, cloud hosting, and also dedicated servers.

  2. Is the SiteGround StartUp plan appropriate for wordpress?

    SiteGround is optimized primarily for wordpress sites, so it is one of WordPress users’ best options. It also has various plugins that will help optimize your websites. 

  3. Does the SiteGround StartUp plan include free domains?

    None of the SiteGround plans offer free domains. 
    However, I suggest you not to look for free domains because many companies will give you a free domain name and profit from you indirectly at the time of domain renewal.

  4. Does the SiteGround StartUp plan offer free SSL certificates?

    Yes, SiteGround offers a free SSL certificate for all their plans. You can issue as many free Let’s Encrypt certificates as you need on all SiteGround accounts. The Let’s Encrypt tool of your cPanel helps you to install these.


Keeping aside a few policies that might not sit well with the users, SiteGround is fairly impressive.The StartUp Plan offered by SiteGround is stacked with incredible features and will definitely impress you. In summary, I think you should try this out because web hostings as renowned as SiteGround don’t come up with these types of offers every Sunday!

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