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How To Transfer Yahoo Domain To A New Registrar

Do you want to transfer your Yahoo domain name to a new registrant?

Transferring a domain from one registrar to another is not so hard. There are specific steps that should be followed while transferring a domain name. 

In this article, I have explained every instruction in depth including necessary snapshots to help you transfer your Yahoo Small Business domain name.

Note: If you need to update your domain’s nameservers, make sure to do it before the transfer process is initiated. Otherwise it will be possible only after the transfer process is completed. 

Steps to transfer your Yahoo Domain to a new registrar:

transfer yahoo domain to new registrar

1. Verify that the contact information for your domain is accurate:

Before initiating the domain transfer process, make sure the contact information for your domain is accurate in the WhoIs database. 

The WhoIs database is the official record listing that holds the contact information including email address.  Your contact information recorded in WhoIs database is used by both Yahoo and your new domain registrar to contact you during the domain transfer process.

2. Verify your domain name is eligible for transfer:

Make sure your domain name is eligible for transfer before initiating the domain transfer process. To verify this, sign in to your Yahoo Small Business account and check the following:

  • Your domain name is not on hold with Yahoo. 
  • Your domain has been with Yahoo for at least 60 days.

3. Unlock your Yahoo domain:

Locked Domain

Your domain might be locked to prevent unauthorized, unwanted or accidental changes to the domain name. If you want to transfer your domain, you must first unlock it. To do this, log in to your Yahoo Business control panel. 

Navigate to Online → Domains settings option from the left sidebar. Click “Locked” and then click toggle off and save the changes.

domain unlocking

After unlocking your domain, the locking status for your domain will be set to unlocked.

unlocked domain

4. Obtain the Auth/ERP code:

To transfer your domain, you must have obtained the Auth code from Yahoo. Auth code is a unique code assigned by registrars to domain names at the time of domain registration. 

To do this, login to your Yahoo Small Business control panel. Click the Online then navigate to Domains.

Authorization code of domain

Under domain settings click “View” hyperlink to see your authorization code. A popup box will open with some text, there you need to click the “Follow these steps” hyperlink.

view the authorization code of yahoo domain

Once you click the hyperlink, another popup box will open where you will get the Auth code for your domain.

obtain authorization code for your yahoo domain

5. Transfer domain to a new registrar:

If you have already chosen a new registrar where you are transferring your Yahoo domain. Otherwise, you can choose GoDaddy or Cloudlaya as your new registrar. Here I am transferring my Yahoo domain name to Cloudlaya.

transfer yahoo domain to cloudlaya

First visit your new registrar’s Transfer Domain page then enter your Yahoo domain, Auth code and click “ADD TO CART” to proceed ahead. 

enter domain and auth code of domain that you want to transfer

You will be redirected to the Domains Configuration page. Here you can review your domain name selections and any addons that are available. Once you review your domain configuration, click the “CONTINUE” button. 

domains configuration

Now your new domain registrar company will review your domain transfer request and approve your request if you have submitted valid authorization code.

Here is the snapshot as proof of the successful transfer of my Yahoo domain to Cloudlaya.

domain is active after successful transfer from yahoo to new registrar
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