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Ultimate Beginners Guide to Increase Traffic from Quora

Two main goals of either a newbie blogger or a ProBlogger are:

publish SEO optimized and reader-friendly articles and drive traffic.

To drive traffic to your blog may you have tried various free or paid blog promotion strategies or social sharing techniques. These strategies may lead to traffic but can’t work to build your authority.

As a blogger, may I recommend you to use Quora to build authority and increase massive traffic?

What is Quora?

Quora is a widespread popular Question & Answer or forum platform on the Internet.

Quora allows its users to post their questions and have them answered by other Quora users.

Generally, questions are answered by expertise. You can prove yourself as a Quora expert by posting efficient answers to the posted questions.

Quora gives you a free forum platform to prove how experts you are in your niche.

Since Quora has a 7th ranking score in Moz with 92 DA (Domain Authority) and 70 PA (Page Authority). Quora has over 200 Million monthly unique visitors who join Q&A discussion on different topics.

So Quora is the right platform you must join to build your site’s authority and increase traffic to blog for free.

How to increase blog traffic from Quora?

To increase website referral traffic from Quora you need to have implemented the 6 basic but most beneficial strategies in your Quora profile and answers.

1. Solid Quora profile

Creating a Quora account and adding a profile image is not only sufficient. You need to solidify your Quora profile with a killer profile bio.

You need to prove that you are not a spammer and you have the capacity to write genuine answers that can solve the problem of another user.

To give a professional value to your Quora profile you need to highlight profile with credentials and descriptions.

  • Upload your own profile image.
  • Add education credentials.
  • Your location or country.
  • Add language credentials.
  • Include what you know and what is your blog niche inside “knows about”.
  • Add your skills, knowledge and experience details.

Add a beautiful short author bio that makes an impact. Include your job experience, hobbies, your business inside the bio section.

Don’t forget to add the link to your website or social media profiles.

quora profile

2. Create your Brand’s Topic

Create a topic for your brand on Quora, so it could be available on Quora search suggestions.

Search a Keyword on which you want to create a topic for your brand.

Search for brand's topic

Click on “Create Topic” and give the name of the topic and a short description of your topic.

create a topic for your brand on Quora

Next time when you search, you should be able to find your brand as a topic on search suggestions.

Brand appear on Quora Search Suggestions

Aliases are misspelled words, abbreviations, and alternative spellings that can be merged with your existing topic. So your brand will appear on search suggestions for any misspelled word also.

To add an alias, click on the ‘3-dots’ button, click ‘Manage’ and click to ‘Add alias’.

Create Alias for brand topic

3. Ask Questions to expert

If you are new on Quora or not getting any popularity then you must start posting niche relevant questions to Quora experts.

By asking a question you will get a chance to establish a fruitful connection with other expertise.

To write a genuine question you must start with ‘How’, ‘What’, ‘Why’. Add necessary topics so that Quora expert get notified of question that matches to their knowledge.

Ask Question to Quora expert

4. Write Quora Answers

Quora is the biggest Q&A website, it always tries its best to provide correct answers to its users. So it is necessary to write answers on Quora like a professional.

Writing an unreliable answer which doesn’t make any sense can be removed by Quora moderator.

When you find a question that is relevant to your brand then start writing answers which have no grammar and spelling mistakes. It makes your answer easy-to-read and provides meaningful information.

Write answers on Quora like a pro

i. Write a Heading so the user will be attracted to your answer just by seeing the Title on the Top.

ii. Write a short description of the answer with visual content such as infographics or images.

iii. Write Keyword reached answer so that your answer will appear on top of the search results.

iv. Do not write the answer in a paragraph, the user feels uneasy to read the answer so it is better to give the list and short paragraph.

v. Provide Link details of the post so that users will visit your blog and you will get traffic also.

vi. Upvote to answer given by other users and follow them.

vii. Comment on answers answered by other people, ask them about a new topic on a comment or find their mistakes on the answer they have provided and suggest them with your answer. This increases interaction with other Quora users.

5. Find Questions to Answer

Google Search Engine also shows the link from Quora. All the answer that is optimized with Keywords and with High Upvotes is also ranked on Search Engine Result Page.

Here you need to search questions just by entering some Long Tail keywords then you can find the result on Google.

Search Quora Question on Google

To maximize upvotes, views, and shares on your answer you need to search for questions with a 1:5 answer-follower ratio.

6. Share link direct on Quora

In recent years, Quora has updated its new privacy policy. Now Quora allows its user to share the link directly on Quora.

No need to write the answer, within a few steps you will able to share your Blog Post link on Quora account.

For this, you have to click on ‘Add Question or Link’ on Top then you may get a popup box where you can see ‘Add Question’ and ‘Share Link’ option.

Click on ‘Share Link’ and enter a link and short detail of the Post.

Share Blog direct on Quora


Quora is like a blogging tool for bloggers to get traffic and build authority for free.

I hope this article can guide you to create a killer Quora profile with an impactful author bio and posting answers like a pro.

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